Teachers Day has celebrated on 5th September2013

Chairnam's speech on Teachers' Day

                  A good teacher is a gift of God. Good teachers are always as Prophets of the world, examples Socrates, Swami Vivekananda, Swamy Sakarachariya etc…they influenced not only their society but also the entire World .Every teacher is dedicated & committed to love & teach their children to grow mentally, spiritually, & morally. Children are the living temples and they are not only  the future asset of the parents & society but also tomorrow’s successful leaders, teachers, doctors, engineers, businessmen, farmers, scientists etc. keeping with equipped values and ethics who can serve their society & Nation faithfully.

                                 Teaching Profession is the noblest & honorable Profession in the World & Students is the bust & largest knowledge consumers in the world; they need the qualitative & best service from you!  You are touching hundreds of buds everyday where the young minds turn to you for their safe& fruitful future life. Our service is the best service giving to the society because the doctor is dealing with smelling Dead bodies & dying, An engineer is dealing with dead materials but a teacher is dealing with living temples the god gifted children , promise of the future.

                                   A teacher can change any disabled child through his/her love & approach. Example   Helen Keller, she is influenced by her teacher or her life was completely changed by a teacher and made her life as a meaningful & successful one even there were so many disabilities in her life. Children need your care, attention, good approach, love, appreciation, corrections & good support when they are in a growing stage. Teachers are the second parents of the students & we are shaping the future of each child what he or she can. We are the promoters of their future.

                                    A teacher is bringing knowledge, dedication & understanding to his or her children to the class room where the children are waiting eagerly to acquire knowledge & wisdom and you are a special & spiritual friend to your children. No child will be happy if I declare holiday for so many months because they like schooling, the learning process. Dear Children, We are celebrating your success and we have anxiety about your present & future. We sleep less because of you my dear children. We love you; care you because you are our children too….I can give you all knowledge available in books the knowledge you need to pass for your exams but more than that I want to help you to grow as a Person, responsible, kind, honest, ready to help others and to be filled with joy of being alive in this alive beautiful world. If I punished you for any wrong doings, remember that I shall also praise you anything good you do still or after your schooling from this Institution. I hope that you can be a wonderful, caring, faithful, understanding decent human being who can live their life through your own effort not others.

                               Finally I salute & pay honour to my teachers who helped me in my life to grow fruitfully to and share my knowledge with you. We are responsible to create a positive image among children. I believe that teaching is not a profession but a Vocation demanding dedication and deep sense of commitment. I believe that I am a co-worker with God in the divine task of molding & forming the young generations or growing minds entrusted to my care. I believe that every child is special & must be treated as such.

                              The Goddess of Vidya, Saraswati’s Ideal shows that the first hand which keeps the mala for spirituality second hand the book for knowledge, third & forth hand keeping the Veena , it is bringing together  the different cultures   . It shows that what the real education means…!

  05/09/2013                                                                                                                         Shaji Cherian, Chairman




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